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Sunday, February 6, 2011

'Twas the Day of the Game

‘Twas the day of the game, as I stared at the crowd
Of people in Dallas, all jovial and loud
The TV was shrill, analysts out of control
They all knew the winner of the next Super Bowl

The neighborhood kids all played on the lawn
Where the full-time QB was a tall boy named Shaun.
They had their nerf, and I had my nap.
I was ready for football; enough of this crap!

I wondered what rambled through each players mind
We’d all know the answers in just a short time
The chore of the kick-off was… the waiting… INSANE!
Could the roar of the crowd please drowned out pre-game?

While the rest of the world might consider it quirky
I fixed me some wings in the form of a turkey.
I had me some Ice Cream and some white Hershey’s chocolate
Cool… look on TV- a Human Jet-Powered Rocket!

The butterflies churned somewhere way down south
Cause it’s still… like, really cold here and stuff and the B-Flies ain’t migrated back yet.
SO I yawn at more pre-game becoming disheveled
And thought of the players who soon would be leveled

On Rodgers, on Clifton, on Jennings, & Driver!
To the end zone, a spike and a big ‘ol high-fiver
Give it your best, stay on top of the ball
And try to avoid that Big Steel Curtain Wall

There’s a big ouchy waiting from Troy, James, and Tuff
So wear the right cleats or your gonna get stuffed
Oh yeah, Ben make a choice; don’t hesitate
Or you’re going to be schooled by a strong arm named Clay

Oh goodness… the clock… where has the time gone?
The game will soon start; I’ve made this too long.
I’ll end it now soon and wish all fans good luck
AND may your team win, Unless your team sucks!    <double speak there>

Oh NO! MY CABLE!  It seems on the fritter
I’d tweet, “What has happened?” but I’m not on twitter.
So it comes down to this, OH PLEASE… save the day!
I’m relying on my friends’ Facebook play-by-play

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