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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sincerity Cognizes Ants and Eats Rabbits

             Do you really think the world revolves around you?  Is there a reason for things to happen beyond your control?  Are their people who really care? 
            Sometimes I just want to sing in unison and tell others this is not all there is. AND sometimes I just wonder why?
            There once was a bug afraid out its own mind.  He was afraid of mice… snakes, ants and even trouble that could cause the death of the small bug.
            Why are we afraid of the dark?  Why are we afraid of things that are not even known?  Why are there questions that pervade all our thoughts?
            The answer is not simple but the questions given are even more difficult.
            We are a race of people who race and even get pullled under water by snaping turtles; and yet we are not “afraid.”
            Take time and live.  Enjoy yourself.  Enjoy others.  Take pleasure in knowing that you are unique.  
            I’ll be the first to admit that I have been made “fun of.”  I’m the first to admit that it has made me a better person – I want to know the faults that others see in me—I want to improve!
            I will never say, “I can’t believe you said that about me.”   BUT I will be the first to say, “thank you,” for saying that about me --- Most Likely, IT’S the truth!!!!
            I live with myself and I am HAPPY--- do the same!

            I love you all and PEACE be with you… Let it happen.
--- That’s all for this Blog… Love-  KEV

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