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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Love at First Sight

            I took a bus up to Montana.  The reason I caught a bus was because I didn’t think my car would make it through the hard winter.  Little did I know there was a person up there that would play an instrumental role in my life.
            She was sitting across from me in a small booth. I was at the bar. I was so hungry;  I  resembled a starving transient.  We glanced at one another and she just smiled; in wondering disarray. I was smitten by her.
            You might ask, “How can someone fall in love at first sight. But it happened.”
She had clear brown eyes with a giving smile.  I, on the other hand, had disheveled hair. I was embarrassed about even staring in her general direction.
            I had to introduce myself in a way that would not make me feel uneasy.  AND my hope was that she would be receptive.
            I did the only thing I knew to do. I knocked my glass off the table so as to make the entire café feel a bit uneasy. Once that happened, I saw an unnerving smile cross her lips.

This is a love story. It’s unexplainable. I still think it is not true. But the truth lies in an unusual situation that can only be explained between two hearts.  And now the story begins.

She had a diet coke and I had ordered a Dr. Pepper.  I glanced over and asked, “You got a problem with a Dr. Pepper?”
            She replied, “You got a problem with being nice?”
            I could tell this was going to be a difficult exchange between the two of us.
            “No,” I said. “But it is obvious to me that you have no problem with Diet Coke.”
            Without hesitation, she said, “Nope.”
            In my retort I exclaimed, “Then, I guess we need to be dating, because I have no problem with Diet Coke.”
            “Good,” she added, “Because I have no problem with humor.”
            “Great.” I commended..
            “Then maybe we should go outside and smooch in the car.”
            We both laughed.
            I then told her, "I ride Pegasus and kill Medusa for a living."
            She replied, “I kill Sasquatch for a living and OH by the way, I’m a taxidermist.”
            How often do you find someone with a sense of humor that matches yours?.

Anyway, it was great while it lasted but I had to go kill “Medusa.”
AND SHE--- SHE LIED! She had to go and play “Pac-man” – because she lied about hunting down Sasquatch.  
              I’m scared of Sasquatch!  I don't like living in the antarctic either!

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