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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My Pac

I’ll be forming an “Exploratory Committee” to assimilate the facts about exploring the best avenues to understand the enhancing journey, if I so choose, to absorb an examination into the possibilities of traversing to assume a board heading up the possibilities of running for President of these here United States.  In my exploratory examination I will consider fund raising, fund raising, and fund raising as part of the obligatory conclusion and procurement of a committee that will be instrumental in my decision to make a decision to run for President of these here United States.
Now that I know of my decision to commit to a committee it is vital to get the word out. I need your money. I need it now. I need lots of it.
The simple fact is, a Pac (Political Action Committee) has never been investigated to the point where anyone ever went to jail. SO, let me reemphasis the point. I need you money now! 
How will I ever know if I am going to be President of these here United States unless you don’t send me some money? Let my committee and the other four committees that I have formed KNOW that you want me to be your next President of these here United States of the Americas. That’s just the way thangs is done now-a-days.
If you choose not to send money to one of my committees, then it is your fault that the family dog ate my leg off because I had not the means to support it -- on the count of… I was spending all my energy and money to run for President of these here United States of the Americas!!!!

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